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Hi guys, , I just got a job offer  from Al khaleej  training and education the contract  and visa block number. And They refered Me to gulfvisa in Johannesburg to process my visa. ..I emailed them and the lady responded very well.and now that I am done doing my physical examination that she asked me to do...she is no where to be found. .I have been calling and emailing her ; but nothing.  Can some one other tell me what  to do ; is there any other agencies that can help me to process my saudi visa. Please  help me..

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Hi there

I also got a job there. Flying on Tuesday. Which school will you be teaching at or will you be working at the language centre?

I went to VFS Tasheel. They are really good. I paid about R1300 for visa and  courier costs because I live in the Eastern Cape.  I flew there on the Wednesday and by the following Thursday I had my passport.

Phone them as you need to make an appointment. They wont be available this wk though. Contact them on Monday. I think their phone number is  0123624230.

Send your medical report and results to HAI before going to Tasheel. Make sure you had your qualifications attested. Contact direct assist. Check on google

Thank you so much Samantha;  I will do that. About the school I'm not sure;they haven't told  me ;they only said i will be placed in any school.

Tell me how long did it take  you to recieve your passport ?  I think I have to send all my documents to them by post   because I'm in kzn. Will only go there to collect the passport . Hope they will help.


I think you need to go there yourself because they take fingerprint, photo and retina scan. Check online what are all the requirements and documents needed. I took the cheapest airline to get there

It takes abt 8 days to get passport back

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