Farsi course

My dear expat fellows

If you are looking for a Farsi instructor online or face to face one do not hesitate to contact me

I have been teaching languages for more than 8 years


Hello mahgol1388 and welcome to

Could you please drop your advert under the appropriate field of the site :

> Language Classes field of the Tehran Classifieds.



Hi Mahgol,

We just came here and facing bit a problem in communication with Iranians. so had a thought to attain a course. can you please let us know, in how many days or how-long would required to have reasonable command on the language to understand and deal with day-to-day activities.
Kindly share bit details,


Hi Mahgol,

I'd like to follow some Persian languages lessons when I visit Teheran this spring. I'm thinking about three weeks, 4 times a week and circa four hours per lesson. I start from zero, so no expectations, even the alphabet is unfamiliar.

Do you provide this kind of face to face classes?
If the answer is yes, how much would that cost (3 x 4 x 4 = 36 hours)?
Would the class be at your place? Or do you teach on a certain location?

Let me know!
Kind regards, Miled

i will be need farsi course one month later after Nevrooz,

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