Schools in Tehran

I wanted to ask about international schools in tehran .. or different embassys schools...
If anyone has any information about fees, reputation or if ur child is attending one that u like.. please help :)

Hi Dina, It has been awhile since you posted, but in case you are still interested, I have some information about international schools. A good option, which I believe is also the most expensive, is the German Embassy School. The German speaking section is something like 8,000 euros, the English Speaking International section is 15,000 Euros. Children must have a non Iranian passport to be admitted and they have to pay I think another like 10,000 euros if they don't. There is also the Italian embassy school, the Pakistani embassy school, French School, Korean school (though I'm not sure if they speak English), and Tehran International school. I think Madavi, is also international, though the last 2 are Iranian schools. I'm not entirely sure about prices at other schools but I am very familiar with the German Embassy school if you have further questions there?

Thank you so much.. we have already chosen pakistan international school .. it's affordable and so far good

Glad to hear you're happy with it. I wasn't sure about what it was like, but good to know it's affordable and acceptable.

Your messages have been very helpful. We are moving to Iran but to bring or not to bring kids as per schooling is the challenge. My kids are in kindergarten and grade 3. Do the schools offer British or american curriculum ? Thanks waiting for reply

It offers british education .. it's Cambridge affiliated school ..

So in Pakistani schools are the teachers Pakistani or British ?

There are pakistanis, iranis, one is russian , and other nationalities

German Embassy school has the PYP IB curriculum. The teachers are mostly Iranian and German, but there is an American, 1-2 British, 2 Dutch, 2 Lebanese, And most of the teachers have studied in North America or England. But the Pakistani Embassy school is much more affordable if you are paying out of pocket! Happily Dina seems satisfied with it so it may be the better option.

it is very interesting and full of information

Tehran does not have an international school, and all those who immigrate to other countries from other countries will be studying at the same location in one of the schools.

There are 4 English schools in Tehran. That only register foreigners.

1. Tehran International School(TIS) located in saadat abad

2. German embassy school.

3. Pakistan International school.

4. Mahdavi International school. ( that I am their grade 3 teacher and will be so excited to see your children there.

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