Salam everybody,  i will move to Tehran soon and i would like to take persian language course. can somebody help me find a good school.  Thank you, i will appreciate every advice.

Salam vangieorbon,

I found this using the Net:

Loghatnameh Dehkhoda & International Center for Persian Studies (University of Tehran)
No. 3011, Vali-e-Asr Ave.,
(Pesyan Bus Stop)
Shemiran, Tehran

Fax: (+98 21) 2271 7118
Tel: (+98 21) 2271 7120
e-mail: ICPS[at]

Salam,  Witty Frank.  Thank you so much. I will definitely take a look at it. Have a nice day. :-)

Hello. Welcome to Iran . I hope you enjoy in tripe to Iran. Are you from china ? If you are from China , I should tell  that here only universities masters in field of Chinese language can talk to three language Chinese , English and Persian . Dear guest you can not found a Persian language school for foreign people who trip to Iran , Unless you select Persian language as a field of academic in universities . However I will search for you and will say the result you.

Salam, Market7advice.  I am from the Philippines.

Salam,  Witty Frank, i saw your info that you want to live in Vietnam.  Try my country,  Philippines.  We are english speaking country,  so you can easily find your way around there. And we are second to China in terms of economy growth this year in the whole world... If you are thinking investing /business.  We have nice tropical scenery, nice food, nice weather,  and friendly,  happy people

market7advice :

You can not found a Persian language school for foreign people who trip to Iran, unless you select Persian language as a field of academic in universities.

Dear Majid,

There are some Persian language schools for non-Persian people in Iran. Please be careful of the information you share with others.

Thanks  :)

Dear Farshid

Thank you for your information .
Be successful

Thank you guys for the info

salam.What is your language.If you have very little training in Chinese Chinese

Salam Kakajan, my languages are filipino,  english and dutch.

hi dear
for learning Pesian don't obsess your mind, because the time you arrive in Iran you will find thousands of teachers around . So welcome to my country.

Salam, Bijan. Thank you for your message.  I am self studying persian language. :-)

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I am an Iranian, from Tehran. I am an Persian native-speaker and also fluent in English.
I would like to communicate with foreign people to learn and share cultural information and get to know them.
Please do not hessitate to contact me for asking your question.


you should search for international university of imam khomeini or saadi institute or dehkhoda institute( or call them they can help you
If you could not reach any of this places , ***

Thank you.  I moved already to other country

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If you are moving to Tehran  and you like to use public courses so this is impossible cause there are some institute under branch of Shahid Beheshti  university  & Tehran university and one private institute to name of Bonyad S"adi  which learn Persian to foreigner but for it you should enter to Iran with E-visa and they do not register you in this courses  with B-visa ( Tourist visa)  and  you should know too which is need register in these  courses at least 3 months  before its starting time  till  your E-visa 's reference send on your email.

these are some institute in Tehran which learn Persian to foreigner :

if you entered to Iran with Tourist visa and   need to any help for learning Persian in  informal classes on skype   so contact with me again.
with regards ELa

I am free on Fridays. so if you are looking for a Persian conversation partner tell me
I will be glad to meet up with you.

hi there

for learning persian you can check out my website


Thanks but I dont live in Iran anymore

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