I am looking for CDs

Hello Everybody,

Thank you for reading this intro, I m a Malaysian based in Kuala Lumpur. My interests is collecting music CDs, My past employment I used to be a Sound and Light Engineer, thus music has always been part of my life. I collects a very wide genre of music, borderless generally, sole condition that it must be originals.  Fakes, pirates, clones, bootlegs are unacceptable.

You could always post your enquiry in the classifieds section of this site as I am sure it will attract more interest. There is actually section for CD's and DVD's.

I too am a music fanatic and collect CD's. I will usually buy classics and hard to find CD's from either eBay of from sites like CD Japan. My interest these days is mostly Japanese Jazz and Fusion, but I do still like trad jazz and classic rock. I'm a guitarist so I'm also interested in great guitar albums. Perhaps you could send me a private message with a list of CD's that you are looking for? Do you trade CD's or just collect them?

Dear Alvin, try  you may find some good stuff there

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