Job Change in Denmark on work permit- CPR and Pink Card

Hi, Friends . I am working on a work permit with one company in Copenhagen . I got an offer from another company in Copenhagen . I was reading on "" that I have to apply for new Pink card again . I also have to De-register my CPR  and Pink card from my current company . But can I stay there till my new work permit comes without CPR and pink card ?

Hi Priya

When it deals with matters of a certain importance, I would always ask the administrating authorities how to do. I am perhaps a little sceptic, but I would also prefer to have the answer on print to avoid misunderstandings.



It depends on the kind of visa you have. If you have Green Card, you don't need to apply for visa again. If not, yes, you have to apply again. But i dont think you need to cancel your CPR for that (I am not sure).

Best advice to you on this is call the authorities related to your visa, they have always mentioned who to contact. Ask them the exact questions you want answers for. If you forget to ask something in first time, call them again. Until you get all your answers. This way it makes sure that information you have is absolutely correct.


yes you can continue your perious job and apply for new residence if you get new pink card you can start your work with new  job

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