Visiting before moving

I highly recommend that before anyone considers moving that you do as we did  come down  and stay in the non tourist area but instead in a regular section. I am glad we did  as we have  realized it a a beautiful  place to visit , but we could not live here.

I thank everyone for all their advise  and help.

I wish everyone the best

Can you please explain in more detal as it may help others with similar point of views?.. I always recommend to stay in different cities and drive.. PR is a small island maps are acurate..and of course you can always ask.. and of course ask your favorite real estate!

For us it just did not feel right.  The heat for one thing even though we are from Ga it differant down here. The expense like food.

Lexie made the comment that if we had considered  this at an earlier  stage in life before the back problems, where we could hike and kayak  to enjoy the island.

Your own pardise is going to be were you make it.

Tks for sharing and good luck with next plans!

Well PR is not for everyone, hope you find a place where you feel right.

I think we have it is Thomaston Ga

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