Moving Back to the Mainland

Hi all. I realize that people on this list may not have information on this, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!! When we moved to PR, it was job-related and we had a professional relocation service. Heading back, however, we're shouldering the costs ourselves. Anybody have any suggestions on affordable moving options?? I read the old posts about USPS and that will definitely help with books, toys, etc. Unfortunately, we also have some furniture and other large items that need to go.

Would appreciate any help!!

Try La Rosa del Monte.  Most folks move stuffs in not out so price may be better.

When we moved off the island (military move), we were assigned Garcia Trucking Services - they did a decent job.  Some things were a bit jumbled when we opened boxes, but nothing out of the ordinary. Best of luck!!

USPS costs have risen dramatically, since I used them, shipping small stuff (11yrs ago). I'd try to go with a moving company, and pack it all up & ship it, or sell what you have to on clasificadosonline.

Thank you to everyone for the advice! Really appreciate the help!!!!!!

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