Holidays next week

Any expats in Tangier who are interested to meet during next week holidays. Regards

This Forum seems to be quiet :(
I am sure there must be many expats in Tangier, wake up friends

I certainly am. Would love to know more ex-pats here, To be honest hungry for a conversation :)

I'm here all week.

So what we are waiting for ?

Is anything open today? Maybe we can arrange a meeting for tomorrow.

I don't know. But I am up for anything tomorrow night. Just name the place, dying here in sheep bbq in the middle of the medina.:)

I am not sure but we can plan for 2morrow

OK. How about meeting in one of the hotels. They must be open. How about meeting on the terrace of the Continental today (13th) at 6pm. We can take it from there.

I am tall and middle aged, a brunette. Let me know if you guys can make it.

I'll go!

Also, my wifi is down and my 4g is crap. So if you want, send me a pm and I'll give you my what'sapp. I'll be here for a few more minutes on wifi

Hello all , Location please as i am new here

Hi, Let me know if we are still on schedule

Raelin and wolfiealpha,

I have no what'sup but I will go to the Terrace of the Continental at 6pm to wait for you there. The Continental is a huge old Hotel on the Corniche facing the port at the beg of the ancient medina.  You cannot miss it everyone knows. It has an open terrace where we can chat or go somewhere else.
Hello others, comeon down!

I will be there & hope other will wake up also

I will be in Chefchaouen on 28,29th September so if there are anyone interested to meet up give us a shout.

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