looking to meet english speaking expats

Hi. My name is Mamoon and I am from pakistan. I just shifted to Morocco and have started living in tangier. I am here on a transfer from my company. I am looking forward to meet people who can speak English as I don't know many people here. Also I would love to know if there are any Pakistanis around here.

i am also from pak and i also want to move to morocco..can u tell me the ways which visa have u applied for morocco ? :) thanks

Hi everyone,
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Naomi :)

Asskm Mamoon,

I am visiting Morocco for a 8 day vacation, me and my husband will be arriving in Casablanca. Since u r a fellow brother and a muslim.

What would be a reasonable way to enjoy and sight seeing in Morocco, should we get a package, or would it be cheaper to rent a taxi for full day and travel around.

Your advise would be very helpful.



it's better you rent a car with 250 dh in the earport but you should give the your passeport or 500 dollards and when you return them the car they give you  the passeport/500d , if you need my help contact me i know people there


Many thanks for your prompt response, greatly appreciate, are these car/drivers reliable? for 250 DH will they go to Ouarzazate from Caablanca? etc

How much for the local decent hotel/riad

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