Tax to be paid on a Toyota Prado 2007 ?

I saw on this site a couple good links on cars and imports taxes.
I saw that cars over ten years don't have to pay the duty taxes?
Should we come with a toyota prado 2007, would it be on the first of jan 2017 that the tax is removed or would it be jan 2018?
Does anyone know when the cut off for the duty taxes is?
Thanks a lot,

I think this is missunderstanding. It doesn´t matter how old the car is at time or import. Tax for import has to be paid, for diplomatic poeple there are maybe exceptions. The rule you speak about is for resell in Ethiopia. Means, if the car is in the country for ten years the tax is paid. Every year will be cut 10 per cent of the tax for the reseller/importer.

The tax depreciation starts on the date it touches down in the streets of Addis. The 2007 Prado will be tax free end of 2026.If you buy a 2016 Prado and it rolls in Addis in 2016,still will be tax free in 2026,and all that if you are a tax free beneficiary. Welcome to Ethiopia!

Thank you, this is very helpful!
So, the taxes, only concern the size of the motor, up to 1,800cc then over 3,000 cc, the year is irrelevant…

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