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I am new to this forum. I am from Australia. I have been an expat for 7 years now, 6 of those years in Turkey and now Spain.
I'm presently living in northern Spain, Logroño, but possibly moving south soon.
I'm in my fifties, single, an English teacher, love living in Spain.
Happy to hear from an expats in Spain that would like to get in contact. Ill be travelling around next month looking for a new home, so I might come your way.
best wishes


I realise your post is from nearly a year ago, but thought I'd drop you a line anyway.
Hows things going so far?

Cat x


My husband and I have moved 5 MONTHS NOW to Chuliesa just outside LLiria in Valencia it is a great place to live 20 mins to the airport by car and 8 mins to the town of LLiria.

We bought a beautiful home the yard is a good sizes. the homes are a good prices, the people are great there is only 80 homes on the very big urbanisation or un urbanised estate that is in the middle of a farming area,  but has electricity and mains water.
I also know very very good lawyers that speak English and are honest that we and other english home buyers have used, and the fees are good too..

Happy house hunting.


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