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Hi! I would like to know if I can file an estafa case. My ex bf asked me to send money to buy a car in the Philippines in May 2015. I send money for downpayment and monthly installments for 5-6 mos. We broke up because he has bad attitude. I mean really bad. He has no "utang na loob" and sending me nasty messages and curaing me if I will not send him money. Out of love I give in. But when I asked for financial help as my bro was in the hospital I never heard from him since then. Now he's in dubai and got a job last May 2016. I communicated and out of love and "katangahan" I tried my best for our relationship to work out. But his treating me like a "basura". I asked him to pay me but he said he did not owe me anything as I send the money to help him buy the car. I only have receipts of money transfers and text messages regarding our mutual agreement that I am also an owner of the car as we bought it as investment for our future and his nasty text messages to me abt sending money. Can I file a estafa case here in dubai or in manila? What are my chances? I want to get him a no departure order when he goes back home as I dont want him to get another victim here in UAE. Thanks

Dear Madame,

I believe you need to ask the Embassy for Such Advise to either open the Case here or in Philippines because when both of you did the deal you were here and he was in Philippines.

Good Luck

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