Claiming / re claiming French nationality

I have a friend living in Spain,  who was born 65 years ago in India of a British father and a French mother.     She has a British passport but would like to obtain French nationality too (Brexit fears).

She believes when born she had French nationality but her father  ’on her behalf gave up her French nationalty’ leaving her with just British nationality.

I have searched the internet but have not found any good info. regarding these specific circumstances

I should be grateful if anyone can make suggestions.

Thanks   John

If she was born in France and has the birth certificate, that is a good start.

If she has the documentations of her mother, she could hire a lawyer who can figure out what could be done to retain her citizenship.

I am actually excited to see the outcome of this, but I highly doubt I would...

Hi John,

If your friends mother's nationality is listed as French on her birth certificate then she will be entitled to French nationality.

Here is a link to the government website giving details: … oits/F3068

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At age 65, it's too late to apply for French nationality on faith to a French parent.

This is not because the mother was French, that person is too. Parental citizenship is acquired automatically during the period when the child is a minor.

As a major person, you must be able to prove a minimum of three years of study in a French school in France or a French territory as domtom. In addition to the truth of your birth certificate.

I hope the birth certificate was registered at the time to the Embassy of France.

If it does not, you can forget ...

Strictly speaking, the person may be able to get is a foreign resident card in France.

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