With boyfriend in Saudi

My company, where I work together with my boyfriend is planning to relocate us to KSA. We still dont know details like accomodation: can be coupound of even hotel apartments.
What can we do together as a couple there? We know that there are a lot of restictions. Living in coupound would give us a bit of freedom, but what if it will be hotel?
Thanks a lot for all the tips and advices.

Technically it is illegal for unrelated and single men and women to live together.  I'm sure you're company can provide you two Apts where you can visit each other.


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Thanks for replay.
We know that we will not be aloud to live in same apartment, its not a problem.
Its more about everyday life, like mentioned going out... That was our bigest worries. If as westerns we will be able to at least eat dinner together is fine. We were worried a lot about religion police. **

It is illegal for unmarried couple to go out together and dine out but some persons are doing this on there own risk.  What, if anybody denounced about you to religion police, so you must be take care of doing this.

I've been out with some of my male coworkers who are Westerners and not been questioned about it. But it depends on your region city too. Dammam/Khobar is more liberal than say Riyadh.

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