Is Alanya safe?

Love you input about how life in analya is and is it safe with all the things going on.

Zero problems, zero security issues. Really, I can see no difference between before the coup attempt and after, except for maybe less tourists. In my opinion, now is an excellent time to visit Antalya. Not just because of the security, but because the weather is cooling off from the usual hot summer! :)

Hi Isabella,
Alanya and the other places around the egean and mediterranian and black sea is safe and very beautiful natura. Alson during September there will be more quite because of the school season. You will have nice silent - I mean no children around- times and for Alanya so nice weather. Because during summer season the weather sooo hot and it would be very gard to walk around but September is perfect time.
Have a nice holiday

Hello Im tourist Guid in Alanya and live here since 20 years,Alanya is safe place,if you want know more about Alanya,please write me

Alanya is %100 safe,

Yes.. Super safe.
You can forget anything in front of your house and still find it after a week.
Lovely city indeed

I live in Alanya since 2005. Alanya is a safe place and always.

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