What Alanya like

I'm moving to analya and would like to know your experience, and what are some things I should be aware of.
I'm going end of September, and I'm really scared of all the things going on in turkey.
Would love your input. Thx

Hello, Alanya is 100 km away from means , This location is safer than east of anatolian cities...Every tourism season ,I have been working in alanya as a tour operator since the last 6 years...
Many foriegners bought house and have been living in alanya...if you would like to buy a property,I can recommend an immobilien whom you can trust ...Good luck

There is no need to worry. During the coup attempt, I was quite concerned and stayed inside for a while! But I eventually found out that there is no difference here. There are less tourists, at least for now, and if you come in September the weather will be a lot better than the hot summer season. Really, if I was you I wouldn't worry at all.

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