black bean's

What the best way of cooking Black beans, that give's them some tast

I just throw them in a pressure cooking with a bunch of spices. But I would also be interested to find out whatever everyone else does too?

I've tried that, and they still come out and have not real taste

Well, it tastes actually nothing.
If you want something better,  you need to look at Feijoada recipe or just some of the ingredients if you want to make it simple.

Hey Pete, here is a link full of ideas for you know inquiring minds want to know/ lol.
anyway good luck for it is a link to some recipes. Let us know if you have any success with bringing out the flavor.
how to bring out the flavor in black beans - Google Search … lack+beans
Good luck. I like the cumin, and cilantro and bayleaf idea.

I will try them thanks very much

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