Newbie looking for guidance

Hi...I'm Bill

I'm a 55 year old executive chef with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. I'm at a phase of my life that I have the opportunity to work & live at a locale of my choosing.

I want to move and work in Italy...Milan maybe and seek guidance on how to accomplish this. I am of Italian and Greek descent and do have family in Italy, but not familiar with them.


Hi Bill!
There is a great deal involved in moving to Italy if you are not a citizen. First, understand that the information keeps changing so this is one reason i don't quote any procedures on our blog because the Italian government changes the requirements constantly.

First, there is also a great site for this information at expatexchange. On our blog we hired a lawyer who lives in Arizona (so do we, technically) and she assisted us with proving citizenship through my husbands grandfather. We applied at the LA consulate on 11/02/15 and are STILL waiting for our Italian passports. We plan to come to Italy and live for a year. We have gotten tired of waiting so we are currently in Parma, Italy for 3 months which is all our US passports would allow.

Our blog is and you can find her name and another lady's name from Italy that helped us get all the documents needed to prove citizenship. My suggestion also would be to go to the Italian Consulate in your area. They can help you go through the process. Hope that helps a little.


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