Friends who comes from Bihar, State (India) well educated !

Greeting of the Day !

Hi All,

I wish to make friend to get gather in weekend, specially who belongs to Bihar State (India) and working in Riyadh, must be educated.


Sahil Hayat,

Ohh my God, when we are in the process of making new friends, do we put boundaries on their level of education? What exactly is "highly educated" in your dictionary?

The whole  of coming and working in Saudi Arabia is to interact and mix with different cultures and nationalities.

I strong recommend that you rephrase your offer of friendship in order not to discriminate and hurt the ones who don't happen to be doctors and engineers. :dumbom:

Dear Riaz,

Please do not take my word in other negative way, my intention is not like that as you are expressing here, just to make friendship with a person having education with good attitude that's it. :dumbom:

While not looking at this negatively, I am not sure making new  friends - with only from Bihar - will get a lot of response. Wish you luck with a small quote[i][i] "The beauty of friendship lies not just in the enjoyment of similarities, but in respecting the differences as well"

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