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Hi guys. there anyone there who is working with yanez international school in fajairah. I just got the job offer and the salary is 20 000 Dirham. And they also offered  a free accomodatin inside the school. problem is they want me to process the travelling documents and they asked me to pay for that and they will reimburse me the moment  I get there. And this is worrying me I'm aafraid they might be scams.

Is thereally one who works for then out there. ? Is this a real school or they playing me.

Did you apply or just get a random email?
Do the contact details you have match the details on the school's site?

Yes I applied  I got  it from daveeslcafe. And also it's there on // (the school website Is

Hi. My friend and I also applied to Yanez international school. We went through the entire process and we got the jobs. Everything was conducted professionally. We have also been offered the same package. We would like to find out more about the school as well since they do not have much of an online presence currently, aside from their website. We would appreciate feedback from anyone who has knowledge about this school. We urgently need to know more as we will have to start soon.

Has anyone heard of Yanez international school in Fujairah or worked there?

Hey Magen.I got a job there I have signed my contract and very thing. And they told me that I would have to pay for the travell documents. .  ( visa and the tickets  ) and they will reimburse me once I get there. ..they  know that its them who needs to pay but due to the past experience that they they can't .  well they refers Me to Al fahidI travel and tourism  ..and alfahidi  travel and tourism  will process my things but first they said I have to pay 5000 dirham that's when they can start the process. .. ( and I really don't trust  this ....and I can't pay this amount )

Hi Mafee. I received the contract as well but I did not sign it as yet. They told me the same thing, that they don't do work permits anymore because of past issues. Scams usually involve stealing the persons identity or robbing them of money. They have not yet referred me to any agency to assist with my travel documents...but that sounds like a huge red flag. I was going to use an agency from my country to assist with all that. I have read about people who paid travel agents referred to by schools and they were basically scammed. But I think you should ask him if you can use your own travel agency to arrange all that as his school does not do it. Or is he saying it is mandatory to use his agency?

Oh yeah I think that's the good idea. .I will ask them that. ..let me send them an email now.

Yeah I think if it's a scam he will insist that you use the travel agency he referred you to. He just told us that we must sort out our permits and flights and we will be reimbursed as stated in the contract. Let me know what he says. I don't think it's a scam because we are not paying him anything. And the contract seems legit. I just need to confirm that they are a registered school based in Fujairah. Also it would be great to get some past or current employee teacher reviews.

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