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Hello .I am pakistani  .Two weeks ago my cousin applied for 3 months visit visa fr me from sharjah that was rejected due to security reason  then apply from dubai for 1 month but the result was same.but I dnt know what the security reason is.first time I made pasport I never go any country before  this.recently i comlpleted my education and first time I apply for visit .so plz help me how can I resolve it .   ***      thanku

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Hello msddd,

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Since you posted on a thread which mainly concerns visa application from UK, i created a new thread from your post on the United Arab Emirates forum so that you may have feedback from members having had the same issues.

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There are chances for rejection at the time of security clearance, but unfortunately they will not provide the reason for the rejection in detail. Such applications can never be processed again.

can you pls share some more details on "Such applications cannot be processed again"?
it is a waste of time to apply again?

Since I saw there is a forum on this issue I have a leap of hope.
I'm a Pakistani National a resident of kuwait (born and raised) and a frequent traveler to dubai.
infact in 2016 I traveled almost 4 times but since September my visit visa is constantly rejected either applying online or through an agent. latest I know is " CID Clearence not approved" I had to travel to dubai for work purpose every after 3 months.
This is a serious threat to my job and business too, I need an urgent solution and someone with genuine help.

Hi there, I would recommend you to check your records if there is any criminal cases or related in your name or even cases in courts. Sometimes it may occur if someone used your name in their business or similar. Might as well related to your job type. There will be a reason.

Thanks for the suggestion, but how can I check my records-  I'm very sure i will not have any criminal record or anything bcoz I havent  done anything.


You may would want to check with your authorities first, then read from this website:

I hope you all the best.

Great! well I'm a resident of kuwait and my records are clear here, I have spoken to an agent of the site that you mentioned- he asked to call immigration department. I don't know how can this help but I will try calling them on Sunday.

Thanks brother great help I will update you ones I get a response

have your issue is solved ? I am facing the same issue my wife and kids got Dubai visa and mine was rejected :(

Excuse me can you please tell me how can I check my record if I'm living outside UAE?

I visited dubai 5 april 2017 to 17 april 2017 enroute to canada from cohi.WQhile in dubai I took a partnership in ajman free zone  and arrangrd for an investor visa with my partner.While in toronto I applied for a one month visit visa from india anticipating a delay in getting inestor visa as my ticket to dubai was for 23 May 2017.It was rejected on security reasons.investor visa also rejected.Then my partner from Mumbay applied for a visit visa which was also rejected.Contacting a friendin Dubai he checked and found no problem with my passport in immigration and applied for a visit visa again on which my son in dubai is summoned to Abu Dhabi office

Dear Aq  , hope your problem is sorted out already just ask you sponsor to visit to the immigration department for the update , if everything is ok it will be sorted out ,

I am Government of India Officer retired from Customs Audit wing of Comptroller and Audit General of India. I am bound to obey all the rules and regulations of any nation and there is no risks of security to any nation.I have two sons,elder son in Dubai and young one in Toronto.I live with my son in Toronto and want to join my son in Dubai.My applications for Dubai visa being rejected for security reasons. I am ready to provide  any  guarantee to the Government for the release of visa.Please help me in this.

I am Abdul Khalique, nationality Indian, I worked on employment visa for 5 years in UAE, now i got new offer later from a new company (abu dhabi) in manth of January 2017, that company's PRO informed me that, they are applying employment visa for me, but visa application rejected due to security reasons,

i don't know why, but I am 100%  sure that, I don't have any criminal records in UAE and my home country also,

please help me for the same, and give me any advice, what can I do to clear this kind of problem,

Hi.bro am pakistani also .i am hare from saudia.mine visa problem rejected how to solve you have any idea .security problem . Last year iam going with my saudi number plate car may be fine then dubai imigiration not given me visa .. please info how to solve this problem any idea . Thanks
Junaid khan

Hello .I am algerian .5 days ago my brother applied for 3 months touristic  visa for me from dubai that was rejected due to security reason.i dont know what the security reason is.first time I made pasport I never go any country before . plz help me how can I resolve it .

"Contacting a friendin Dubai he checked and found no problem with my passport in immigration and applied for a visit visa again on which my son in dubai is summoned to Abu Dhabi office"

Can you please explain clearly whether your "friend" in Dubai was some govt official or what? And did your friend applied for visa for you? And why was your "son" summoned to Abu Dhabi office? And what is Abu Dhabi Office exactly? How do you mean by Abu Dhabi office? I need sort the matter of my cousin's visa getting rejected constantly for 5 times in a row. I will go to Dubai and sort this matter out if I personally have to go there. Please help me with this. At least some directions would be great.

Hi there,
I am Indian, my husband applied for his parents visa 2 weeks back and a day before we got to know that his father's Visa is appoved but mother's visa is rejected due to security reasons, when we tried to inquire it further with immigration they said its rejected and they cannot disclose the reason. and if we argue more they will put her in blacklist. Thats really a strong statement from immigration. we dont know what should be done in this case.

My mother in law has never traveled to any country before and now we are scared because they said we cannot even reapply for her again.

Guys!!Please help us to solve this.Is there any way we can get her visa done.

Many thanks.

I know one guy who can help out in this matter as same problem i was facing for my partner’s visa. And because of him my partner is in UAE on Inverstor can call me *** if you need any help i will refer him.

Best regards

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