NON O visa...thailand ,,,,

Hi everyone ,,,,,my time to renew my NON O visa in Thailand has come and ,recently I got a call ,,from immigration office ,,,about complete the NON O visa process an officer will come to check my house ,,,well let find out ,,,please any experience feel free to share  ,,,I'll let you know about my sooner ,,,,,have a good day all.

:) hi everyone ..I am back ,,,,well house inspection went well ,,,,here some of the question regarding your visa application
income ,witnesses(try to call your close friends that they know you for a long term)
because questions are very tide has to match your ,how long your been here in thai,and all the bunch of same question that you been ask at the immigration office ,,now this is the trick if your papers are in order or not the last decision to approve depend of the officer eyes and according to them if by any case your application for any reason can be deny they will give you 7 days to try to get the visa in countries around otherwise mmmm bye bye ok I guess I give as much as I could say in this post ,,,,good luck people and always smile ..... here some pic of the requirements ...first image!AmEOT2qGf9fKrDGsOckXCHGszy6v
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second image :!AmEOT2qGf9fKrDJ4zUe21slRYS6x

Thanks for yout return, it's normal that they come to check, most of the time it goes well.

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