Health insurance "April international"....fake!!!!

Dear Folks,
Starting in 2012 i subscribe April international insurance for my 3 child's, and nothing special to declare to them at that time, when complete the questionnaire.
Fortunately, i never have to used those insurance for any of them, until this year 2016, when few weeks ago, my little one, has to be admit in hospital with high fever because of urine infection.
After all test was done, we discover that she had some problem with her right kidney, and surgical intervention was recommended.
Unfortunately, April international" not cover those intervention, and all was under my cost.
so, i advise of all you to look to other insurance, or if you are with "April"...stay in good health.

Hi, can I ask what reason they gave for not paying up.?

Dear sir,
We thank you for your message.
We're sorry to hear that you had difficulties with April International. In order to investigate and give you answers, could you please send us by private message or by email to info.expat[at] your full name and your policy and/or client number?

We are at your disposal for any further information.
Best regards

APRIL International Expat

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