car accident

i had a recent accident in car. I dont have a licince to drive, but the every was sittle. But they ask my cpr # and all my personal information.
may queation is, now do i have a record under my name, and does it will affect on me especially when i will look for another job?

Yes you will have a case on you now , it is a legal to drive in Bahrain without a licence .You will get a police court summons through the post now and you will be fined , you will have to pay the fine  and any damage to the car you was driving and any other property or car


Make sure you clear all the fines applied on you and then you should not have any issues hopefully.


Oh dear!
Why did you drive without a licence?
From what I have heard, this is a serious offence in Bahrain.

I know people who have been deported for this offence in the past. Hope the authorities do not take drastic measures with you.

Your only course of action is to follow the process step by step. Best wishes.

my dear
you do not get deported for an accident, you get deported for non payment

You are probably right, nigel beattie.

But what I said was based on not one but three real life cases.

They got deported for driving in Bahrain without a driving licence. There was no penalty imposed - just picked up, tried for breaking the law and deported - all wishing a few days. Friends here had to close up things for them after their sudden departures.

Firstly it is impossible to be deported on a traffic offence in Bahrain , there may have been a underlining issues with this [it is lucky there are not in saudi , has if you have a accident and without a licence you will go to jail for five years and pay some sort of funds to the family as to the damage of the car and stress plus the cost of a hire car while there car is being repaired].

With the issue here it may have been also the nationality

Maybe you are right yet again. there probably was a underlying reason. And it's probably the nationality. Not everyone is from favoured nations, I guess.

But the fact is they did get deported because they drove without a proper licence.

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