Residence permit issue

I am french and my wife is non EU. For now, I am working and we are both living in Denmark. My wife has a resident permit of 5 years as she is under the EU laws as we are married.

From January I will potentially start a new job in Germany in Hamburg. However as my wife is going on vacation outside EU end of November, we need to do the registration in Germany beginning of Germany in order for her to be able to get a residence permit in time.

The problem is that I will still living and working and be register in Denmark until end of November. Then my question is: Is it possible to register my wife and I in Germany beginning of November although I will still living and working and register in Denmark until end of November?  Will she be abe to get a residence permit for end of November?

For my wife to get a residence permit in Germany, do I need to be register in Germany as a resident for more than 3 months or is it possible to register myself in Germany just because I have a tempory accomodation (an hotel for some days).

I have already adviced you exhaustively about this topic in your other thread - why did you have to post the same again?
One more time: You can register if and when you have a place to stay (e.g. Rented apartment) and must de-register when you give it up. The landlord must certify this (and there are very stiff penalties for wrong certification).

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