indian getting married to her german man / visa processing - urgent

Dear Community

I'm an airline pilot in India who is soon to get married to her German boyfriend. i'm also a graduate in economics.

We have a couple of questions we need clarification on urgently and we will be very very grateful for all the help we can get on this matter !

1. would it be wiser to get married in India before moving to Germany ( plan being to move by april 2018 ) ?

2. do I need to have an A1 language certification if my to- be- husband is a German national as I will not have the time from my busy flying schedule to be attending classes before I move to Germany on said date.

3. can I go on a tourist visa to germany and then get married there on instead? would that be better ?

4. what documents would I need handy and ready in India and what documents would he need in Germany to make the process smoother for us lovebirds? <3

Any and added help to help us out will earn a great meal and drinks ( if you're a drinker ) and good vibes and blessings from us !

thanking you all in advance

Hi Kiran,

1. You also need to be married (or in a registered partnership) to get a family reunion visa. If you plan on getting any other kind of visa, it will not matter.

2. You need basic language skills for a family reunion visa. It doesn't matter where and how you acquired these skills (which will be tested by the embassy staff if you have no certificate). If you get another kind of visa, you might not need any language skills.

3. If you read some related topics on this forum before posting, you already know that the buerocratic hurdles of marrying a foreigner are very high in Germany. It can take many months (and lots of fees, translation costs, etc.) to prepare for it.
The proper visa for getting married in Germany is a marriage visa (which can be converted to family reunion visa later, meaning you do not have to leave Germany again).

4. That depends on which visa you apply for (and if you decide to marry in Germany, what the local family registry deems necessary - your spouse-to-be should inquire there).

thank you ! We are starting with enquiring from the local registrar in Germany and moving forward from there ! I might have some more questions after which I hope you wouldn't mind if I bothered you with ! Again, thank you very very much for your help, I'm truly grateful .

Many foreigners who marry in Germany find it too buerocratic, time-consuming and frustrating.
It is often recommended to marry elsewhere (Denmark, Las Vegas and Singapore are supposed to be easy).

Hi! How are you?
We seem to have a similar situation going on :)
I am American and my soon to be husband is German. We live in both Los Angeles and Munich.
We've just begun my residence visa process.
You can get a lot done in one day if you are properly prepared for the process.

Plan to go to the German Embassay early in the day so that you can achieve more than one thing on this day.

When you walk in simply ask the person at the front counter where you need to go for each thing your doing. There is a different floor/counter/office for each different document that you will need.

First step - Get registered in whatever city your going to be living in. Your fiancé must go with you otherwise everything is by far too difficult, trust me!
He will sign the papers that you are living at his address and you will sign as well. They will give you a copy showing that you are now registered at a local address.

Second step - Go to the office (same building)  where they do residential visas. Show them that your registered and pick up the paperwork needed for your visa.

Third step - Now that your registered, your next step is getting german health insurance.
*I believe you have to be registered before you can get the health insurance but I could be wrong on this one. Definitely look into getting the health insurance beforehand, if your able too then do it...this will make the process quicker. I'm just not sure if you have to be registered first in order to get it. I personally got registered first, then did the health insurance.

Not sure if your going to be added to your husbands insurance or if your going to get yours separately...either way you have to have it for a residence visa.
*Not to be confused with a travelers visa in which you do not have to have german insurance, just proof that you have health insurance in general...can be from anywhere in this case. The residence visa requires german insurance.

*You must have between 10-30 thousand dollars in your personal savings account as well as the documents showing this.
It must be a savings account, not a checking account.
If you do not have this amount in your account, then your fiancé must bring tax documents as proof that he is able to support you financially.

*You will need a photo for your visa...they provide photo booths there so you can take the photo there same day.

*In regards to the language requirement you asked about, don't even worry about that. I literally didn't speak to anyone, my fiancé did all of the talking and I just sat there nicely and smiled :)
It was all relatively easy...but like I said...make sure your fiancé goes with you!

*If you are able to get the health insurance before your registered, then great! Even easier :)

If this is the case...Then the day you go for your visa you must bring proof of german health insurance, bank documents/fiancé tax documents.

Get registered first,  get your photo, then go to the visa office and apply.

In my case I had to learn as I went. So I got registered first and picked up my paperwork for the visa.
Then I got health insurance and banking documents together.
Now that I have everything, I have to go back for the actual visa.

I hope this helps!

Wish you all the best,

I went through the entire process very recently and would be happy to help.

1) Getting married in India and moving there would mean the same process but backwards. You will still have to get a family reunion visa. The time and effort would remain the same. So either should do.
2) You definitely need atleast an A1 certificate (Mandatory) from a certified institute (Read Goethe). I had to submit my German language certificate along with my documents at the German consulate. It is a part of their checklist and they generally ask for one when submitting docs.
3) Same as 1)
4) Below is the link for the checklist of documents ypu will need to submit. Have a look. … IONAL.html

Pointers - (Please ask your guy to check if the below will do at his Standesamt.)
- Marriageablity certificate (Stated that i am single in a few words on a bond paper, got it notarized and apostilled)
- Original Birth Cert. ( Also notarised)
- Have them translated in Germany.
- Along with his docs have the above submitted for verification (Takes close to four months).
- Once verified Register your wedding
- Submit all of the docs mentioned in the checklist at your local consulate for visa.

Do write back if you need details and ill try and respond asap. Also ask him to check with his Standesamt. They are very precise and most often than not extremely helpful.


Hi Kiran,

Hope you're doing well.

I just wanted check if you got more information regarding getting married to your German boyfriend?

I'm currently trying to find information to get married to my fiancee from Germany by getting the registration done here in India. Could you please let me know what documents your boyfriend needed to submit apart from Marriageability Certificate (Proof of being single) and Birth Certificate?

Also, did you have to prepare similar documents as well?

Do let me know about your experience.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Ally,

Thanks for sharing this information.

Just a quick question. Could you let me know what documents you had to submit and get attested as well?


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