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Hi there,

My name is Laurie, 37 years old, French, living in London, Uk, since 6 years, working in the Fitness Industry, as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Swimming Instructor.
I am an expat since 2006, when I moved first to Australia, stayed there for nearly 3 years, and then went to Ireland, as I couldn't find any sponsor to stay in Sydney, and then after Dublin, I spend 1 year in New-Zealand, Auckland, same than Oz, under a WHV.

I would like to explore Canada, re start somewhere elses, so, was wondering Vancouvert or Toronto, but first I need to know which visa should and can I apply, I am not elligeable anymore for a WHV, am not a student, I don't have any employer who could offert me any job, then be my sponsor and I do not have any familly there, either.

So if you could advice me on what type of visa should I apply, that would help to start my journey, and other steps to go through to make my move, which documents I ll need to provide etc....
Thks for your help, any reply, ***, cheers.

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Hi Laurie,

Thank you for your introduction.  :top:

The articles about visa in the Canada expat guide contain a lot of useful information.
I invite you to have a look at them : … visas.html

These websites might also help you :

- … -your-visa

Good luck :)


Hi , for most of the expats Toronto is first and Vancouver is second option, thanks

Thks for yr tips ☺

Hi Laurie! I am in a similar situation of trying to figure out what visa to possibly apply for. I am a US citizen and hope to relocate to Vancouver - sooner than later! Please message me if you were possibly able to find any additional information.

Hi Laurie,

I believe you have a fair shot of getting a renewable temporary work visa if you speak french (I think you do). See in the past the only obstacle to get an employment in canada was getting a document called LMIA (it basically proves that no one in canada can do your job), but since June 2016 the CIC excluded french speakers from getting it as long as they find an employment outside Quebec.

Check this link : … 68132.html

Still you have to check if your occupation will allow you to get a such visa.

For your question Toronto Vs Vancouver, personally, I'll go for Vancouver because from my friends and some forums here and there vancouverites tend to take care of their allure and they are very active compared to the rest of Canadians and they pay more $$$.

Your best option will be to go there and look for an employer and then make him/her aware of the new LMIA law french speakers. Hopefully they will accept to take you

Best of luck,

Yassine BK.

Same cost of living but on your profession as personal trainer it's most favourable to go to Vancouver. More sun, more people to come out and train or just be active. Toronto is so cold. :(

Toronto is definitely a colder destination. Vancouver on the other hand has a milder climate but is rainy.

Having said that, when deciding where to move, always look for a place where's there opportunity for you and your profession and then where you want to raise your family.

I like Clara's assessment. But to be fair, I haven't been to Vancouver and what I know is from what I've read and heard. Toronto on the other has a pretty good public transportation system - so you can around anyone easily.

But just like in any major cities, there's always a sense of chaos particularly if you live right in the heart of downtown or in surrounding core. The burbs on the other hand are not that bad. If you can take the hustle and bustle, then yes live in downtown for the convenience and that adrenaline lifestyle otherwise you might want to discover the burbs.

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