Black male considering teaching ESL in South Korea (Seoul)


I have learned about opportunities to teach ESL in South Korea, and I have the educational/work experience to qualify.

I am doing research beforehand, to maximize the chances in having a successful experience being in a country where I would be a visible racial minority and most importantly, being safe. From what I have gathered, some black teachers who have worked in South Korea have had positive experiences and others have experienced racism (examples: saw from online - parents may request their children to be reassigned to a different teacher if their teacher is black, racial remarks made to a black man on a subway who had a Korean girlfriend). I saw another video, where an older man told an individual to return to his country (unsure of the ethnicity of the person he was speaking to).

Based on what you know personally or from others, what is the racial climate like for Black ESL teachers there?

This information will assist me in making an informed decision about this opportunity. Thanks.

By the way, I thought I would add, I live in Canada presently. The above information is needed from my question, because it is a pretty big move from here if I decided to sign a contract to teach. Thanks.

You're not going to have an easy time, but if you do right and are warm and friendly, you should be fine.
It's too bad that Koreans can be hostile towards black people, but having said that they are still getting used to white foreigners, let alone foreigners of any other color.
If your school hires you, public or private, then they should back you 100%. Always try to find out background information from previous teachers and you should be okay.

Thanks for writing and being honest. What you said confirms my research and thanks for the suggestion.

Hi...I am also looking into teaching ESL at the university level. Any current or former ESL teachers who have taught in South Korea, please message me...I have a few questions that I would like to ask just to hear from your own perspective. Thanks.

Hello, I'm an American married to a Vietnamese woman, currently living in, and teaching English in, Vietnam. My step-daughter wants to attend college in Korea and we are thinking about making the move with her. How hard is it for a white American with a BA in English and a TESL certificate to find English teaching jobs? My wife has a BS in accounting. Will she be able to find work okay? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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