living and working in Seoul since 2013

Hello everyone! I have been living and working in Seoul since 2013. I currently share my adventures at and would love to connect with other Expat.comgers and like-minded individuals. Let's connect!

there there !
it contains general info about travel or is a kind of personal travel diary ?

you can check it out!

Hi Wildheartlaura,

I have created a new thread "living and working in Seoul since 2013" on our Seoul forum so as other members can have a look about your experience.

It will be interesting for us to know more about your adventure in Seoul and share some tips with our expats in Seoul.
How about this thread > can you please share your advise on it? :thanks:

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I want to come to  Seoul but I don't know how to do that

Hi Stephanie, I need you to give me some instructions , how can we get in touch asap ?

Hi Sarahabderrahim,

Welcome to

Note that Stephanie was part of the's team. I suggest you to create a new topic on the Seoul forum and ask your questions.

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Thank you very much

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