Living in Arusha


My husband and I are planning to go to Tanzania for a couple of months. Some friends who live in Tanzania (lived there for 5 years now) recommended that we'd stay in Arusha because it is a safe place to start with.

1) What do you think? Is Arusha a safe place to live for a couple of months?

2) My husband and I also work on the internet. Is the internet good enough in Arusha to be able to work?

Any tips and advice on living in Arusha is welcomed!


Hello there,

Arusha is indeed a good and safe place to live.

For internet you have to rely on local cable ISP providers or wireless mobile communication providers like AIRTEL,VODACOM, TIGO, If its for mere communication internet speed is good enough. If you need higher bandwidth you can check with simba net for dedicated internet.

Tips on Arusha:

-Stay away from mosquito bites
-Arusha can be cold sometimes in morning and warm during day. So you need winter cloths and summer cloths
-If you like trekking or hiking you shd carry the stuff with you. Arusha got Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro
- Do not walk on streets after late hrs and do not wear exp jewelry

So enjoy your stay and Karibu Sana!!

Thank you nevingomes for the awesome tips!!

It's appreciated!

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