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Evening all

We're new to the forum as we will most probably be moving to Tanga for a few years, by the fourth quarter of 2012.

I will be involved in a construction project there and will be relocating from
South Africa with my family (wife, 9yr daughter, 5yr son and 1yr old son).  We do not know what to do with the family dogs yet...Advice and tips will be welcomed

My wife and I will be flying to Tanga next week, arriving inTanga on Tuesday, 29 May.

What is life like there?  What does the wives do there?  Are there any expats there?  What about schooling, recreation, tourism (we'd like to make this into an adventure)

How bad is malaria there?

Is anybody on-line that could help out?


Hello Swart.

Welcome to!

Hope you will soon be advised :)


Hi Swart Family

My name is Nina and we are a family of 4 that are also moving to Tanga in Tanzania in early 2013. I am desperately trying to get some idea of what life is like in Tanga. Have you had any feedback from your post on the expat forum? Can you give me any feedback?
Looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards Nina.

Hi Nina,
I saw your post from a couple of years ago... are you still here in Tanga?

my hubby is from Tanga Tanzania and well were getting on in life now lol 45 and 38 so we would like to possibly go to live in Tanga but because he has lived in the uk for so long and i have no idea about i worry over the children's school, place to live the freedom of people may or may not get over in Tanga ie going out if white people are safe as iam but hubby is an Yemeni African?
i worry that it sound amazing and i have been to visited for a short time  but only stayed in a relatives home or went out with hubby but i really need to have grounded information if anyone can help

To nicolasuger and other interested,
I will  come to Tanga this summer,the earliest in June this year 2015;-) or later in August. And I will be happy to meet new people with intercultural,global background;-) My husband is originally from Tanga, we have a 3 years old son. We lived long time in Istanbul, Turkey. We are planning our next destination-Tanzania,husbands homeland. For me it's not a homeland but I like it my own way. Last year I spent almost 3 months in Tanga. It was interesting,challenging and exciting sometimes too. From my opinion Tanga is quite safe and kind. Depends on area. We lived in our estate in Raskazone,not far from the ocean drive and other important places. I am originally from Siberia, my "Far East look " didn't  bother Tanga people;-)) Of course I heard some words etc. but nothing special serious. As far as I know there is only one international good school in Tanga,in the School street,but its only primary school I guess. Tanga has a quite good backery named My backery,one of the shop and backery itself are located near the road in Donge. As for malaria check up Burhani hospital was quite quick and correct in service;-) Not mega super hospital but quick relatively clean and trustable;-) and quite cheap. Fresh daily sea food,meat,fruits,vegetables from local market,I never bought myself,it would be more expensive coz foreigner.. My husbands brothers and cousins supplied us daily with necessary things. Unfortunately there is no good supermarket as in Dar. But there are small markets with "European products". We eat sometimes good burgers,pizzas and grilled chicken in Local Chicken licken near exim bank. Of course swimming my son loves it! We did it in one Tanga Bath club,something like that,entrance 1000 tzsh,it's just down at the final stop of the dala dalas( public mini vans stop). Its very simple local but quite near home. Private beaches with sun bathing comfy places r definitely not around. I find it necessary also time to time to go to Dar and Arusha,for internations meetings,last year it was every last Thursday in some good places of Dar. In Arusha we had good time with husbands relatives. I got a friend in Tanga last summer with three kids,she is back to Switzerland. We had great time together swimming,backing pizzas at home and sharing ideas how better to live and enjoy Tanga life.  Hope this info was helpful for some of you.

are you still in Tanga?
I was born and live in the UK but both my parents were born in Tanga and moved to England in 1969.
Now my brothers and I are planning to return to Tanga to live.
I am looking at work / business opportunities and would love to speak to someone like yourself about the life and prospects in Tanga.
Currently I am in Tanga this week and would like to network as much as possible before I return home.
Would you mind meeting up and sharing your advice / experiences.
Please contact me asap.
My number is *** - Moiz
Thanks in advance.

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are you still in Tanga?
I am in Tanga this week and would like to network with as many people as possible before I leave.
I was born and live in UK but both my parents were born in Tanga and I planning to move back here with my family.
I am looking into ideas for work / business and would value an opportunity to chat with you and here your experiences of life in Tanga before I take the plunge.
My contact number is  ***whilst I am in Tz or just emil me back on ***
Thanks in advance.

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