Foreigner wanting to Own property

What are some of the good place to see where one may want to live in Tanzania.  Is it really hard for a foreigner to own property.  Has anyone found a good lawyer, and a good real estate agent ?

there are some process you have to go through, first visit Tanzania investment centre you will get all the info there.

Hi. It would be good to tour around to see where you might like to invest. As Eric said there are processes you have to go through. You can own property, though you can not "own" land. Tanzania Investment Center is a good source of information. We moved to Tanga region from California 3 years ago. We used an estate agent and also a lawyer based out of Arusha. Don't think name dropping is allowed here, so PM me if you want more information.


I am also from California I will be going there in March and I will be doing just that, looking at a few cities, we will even make one more trip there later in the year to gather more information. My e-mail is .... wjames.webb[at] ...yes I need all the information you have on trust worthy real estate agents and lawyers to guild us into this process, so your advise would be of great help. 

I like to thank you for your time and assistance which we dearly need
Hope to talk to you soon

Please contact: Ringo & Associates Advocates

chambers5, thank you so much, I will and I will contact you too soon.


Got you, Regards and appreciations. Welcome

Take notice that Dr. Ringo & Associates is my cousin.  If you need any legal definitions and advise.

My life and it opportunities are pass what I can believe, being born in America with a African soul and being lead to the middle east is past my dreams. Then to have the chance to travel East Africa has send me belief where my dreams can't come. I live with those before me, and what come my way is what they send me with the blessing of my God. The knowledge you are sharing with me could lead me to live out my biggest dream, living in Africa and owning property.  You can see me but I can't put a face to the knowledge you are sharing with me is not fair. You are becoming more valuable to me by the second.  I will be there in March, I pray to my God to be able to meet you and keep this strong relationship going.

May your God keep you, as I send blessing to everything you love
Azeem Zafar Hakim

Hi, that is a very strong statement. I hope and wish that you make your dream a reality.  . . .make your dream a "Will". To achieve. Wishing to all the best

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