Keeping up with the news in the United Arab Emirates

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Living in the United Arab Emirates provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in the United Arab Emirates? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

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During my 5 years that i believe and observed . Only the news papers are the main source of being informed and for advertisement purposes also.
Most are the TV news pullitens are in Arabic languages. 
My suggestion to be informed with the currect affairs just read on line news papers. like Gulf news. Khaleej times. 24/7 news aprer.

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First of all its nice to share my views on the topic and would like to carry on with the different topics as they come in.
Living in UAE is a blessing for me and I guess for all of us where we not only find liberty and security but chance to interact with multiple nationalities. We all live here like family and celebrate each others occasion as one of our own.
Keeping up with the news is not an issue at all as in the era of hi pace technology where we have abundant mediums to get any news as it happens with its in depth knowledge.
I personally have activated news alerts on Facebook and twitter and best medium is TV where we get the essence of not only local media but also International media.
Though we are far away from our homeland but trust me it feels as we are more near them as ever, with the help of social networks, we get the news of the family at a glance inclusive of their daily routines.
Dear Members its nice to share my views with you all and I believe we all must have the same replies.
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Living and pulling days in this country. Hot times cannot save money high rental. Expenses comes before earning money. So many peoples making money in any way . But it is very true that being honest and make money is so much difficulty. News, Internet social media extra online on mobile but it eats more blood. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it is just keep alive self let us wait for one day will make more moeney.

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    Well, I cannot say if I am new or not here in Dubai because I've been staying here for almost two years. During my stay all i can say is the cost of living is getting more expensive, I know it was a blessing to live and to work here but oh my god! I don't know what are the reasons why most of the necessities are getting higher and higher like the rent for flats, bills, Transport (NOL, parking fee) and of course our food to eat. There is a few information coming from social media and word of mouth but it wasn't the best answer what i looking for tried to read Newspapers but most of the articles are about in Laws and Crimes.  Just to remind you that i am not ranting or complaining I'm just being real to say what is my opinion. I hope one day, The cost of living here not only in Dubai but across the emirates will get low in order to live here a better way to earn and to save.

God Bless to all!

in fact i use emirates today to know the news daily
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I am working in UAE for the last 5 years. I am regular listener of radio but in my local language.They are updating the new every 30 minutes so I will be updated on local and international news.  Moreover I am using GN application for news alert.

Here in UAE the television channel as well as FM radios are available in all major languages so every one can get current affairs.


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I am mostly busy with my work. I keep on getting news on Internet as I work for 14-15 hours a day.

I do not have any specific channel to get news. Just love to make more friends.


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How you get your media in the United Arab Emirates depends on where you spend most of your time. For those that spend a fair amount of their day at fixed work location, the internet & social media constitute a broad swath of their news & events diet. Those who spend ample time on the road, which means either those plying their trade in the transportation field or an underemployed local joy driver, then radio becomes the dominant media disseminator. A third large, but shrinking segment of the Emirate population watches the ever re-fashioning television spectrum.

Online programs and Facebook style platforms are the newsfeeds of choice for the constantly connected resident of the Emirates. Many of those interested in the gossip of the their social media “friends” might have little interest for true journalistic news reports but the two genres are everyday merging so that one viewer’s salacious blather is another website’s breaking “news” feature. The viewing & reading public are increasingly unaware of the distinction between the two. One thing they have in common is that these viewers have either grown up unattached from TV & radio or they’ve grown to dismiss them in favor of the eye & candy of online broadcasting. Popular viewing for this segment includes the aforementioned, all too ubiquitous Facebook & to a lesser extent its sister slates, i.e. twitter & Instagram.

The radio listening public is beholden to the few plastic knobs & buttons they can navigate on an often crowded & increasingly complicated dashboard.  Transport workers, including the legions of foreign workers in the taxi business spend enormous amounts of hours listening to a variety of special interest programs ranging from Hindi-Pak talk programs, to Arabic soccer matches to Bollywood music channels, bookended by a number of Western music programs DJ’ed by sons & daughters of expats who’ve called the UAE home since birth but are rarely elevated to the status of true Emirati nationals. Thus both listeners & content promoters keep the flavor of the radio fare to a mild seasoning cognizant they are not & may never be permanent residents, much less nationals, of the UAE.

The third group, TV viewers, are an amalgam of the families that adhere to more traditional home values, elderly who’ve resisted melting into the internet media pot, and travelers watching a few segments from a hotel room. The types of shows are tame by any measure but certainly bland compared to US or UK TV programming. One feature that sets the TV industry apart from Western outlets is the variety of foreign language content. There’s plenty of Arabic programming of course, which technically can’t be classed as foreign but has been relegated to minority language status owing its secondary position in terms of spoken languages in UAE (3rd perhap, as many Indians & other expats have adopted English as the common medium of communication). Then there’s the steady number of Slavic language visitors who’ve prompted satellite TV providers to air Russian language news and music programs. Confession: I watch this programming a lot owing to my personal interests as a student of Russian language & culture. And while much of the programming seems a parody of Western media, including the MTV style “Russian Music Box”, many of the programs are worthy rivals to their prime-time US counterparts.

It’s a truly eclectic media smorgasbord here in the UAE, advanced by the myriad of language groups, different in so many ways yet sharing a yearning for being connected to their cultures by any medium possible.

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