Looking for Native Speaker to teach English

Hi My Name is Jeane and i'm looking for Native speaker to make a private lessons.
and I would like to meet new friends around the world. and for all expat anything i can help just info.
Thank you

I suppose the first thing is to mention the area you live in.
Jakarta Raya is in your profile, so that could limit your potential finds.
You could also mention what sort of lessons you're looking for and how many hours per week.
Conversation lessons are a very different matter to formal English grammar lessons.
Even a one to one basis really requires a work permit for non KITAP holders, but it's unlikely anyone who matters will care about such a thing.

thank you for your advice fred 🙂
i lived in north Jakarta and i want to learn speaking for business/work and daily conversation with grammar...2 times for one week and 1 hour.

Hi ,

Read your post regarding native English speaker , whereabouts do you stay in Jakarta

Sameer118 :

Hi ,

Read your post regarding native English speaker , whereabouts do you stay in Jakarta

The OP has asked about native English speakers, and you aren't one.

Hello Jeane, how are you?

I'm a Private Native English Guru, I also teach in schools on occasion, mostly for SMP & SMA students, but also with some primary students.

Anyway, I live in Nusaloka, BSD, & the area around here, including Pamulang, is where I prefer to do private teaching. I can give you my pricing info & phone number later, if you're location is not too far for me.


I look forward to your reply, thank you.
Regards, Hugh

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