why are the Chinese so rude?

My holiday was ruined by the hoards of rude obnoxious Chinese tourist. they have no manners what so ever and act like the own every bit of pavement they set foot on or any seat they sit on. (especially the public ones that are there for everyone) .one of my typical experiences. I was in Bangkok trying to see the palace, walking around I was jabbed the the eye by there umbrellas several times even though it was midday with absolutely glorious sunshine.why would one even need an umbrella open on such a day?i think it probably has something to do with the inhumane and appalling way they treat anyone dark. after 30 minutes of their assaults we day we were at a restaurant and the cacophony and chaos of their entrance forced us to leave. out chairs backed onto them and they thought nothing of buffeting us enough to give us whiplash. When we got back to the hotel and were sharing our experiences everyone else had similar experiences. Apparently they say they're not being rude they are just being themselves. They are just doing and saying whatever they want however they want without giving a damn about anyone else. well Chinese tourist there is what we think of you

I went to Thailand for a holiday but I left early because I was sick of being treated as a Brit tourist.
I couldn't go anywhere without prostitutes hassling me, all because of the way Brit tourists act in that country.
The hotel staff plucked up enough nerve to ask me why I didn't take pros back to my room as all the other Brits did, so I told them not all Brits do that, they simply misunderstood because some do.
I know a lot of Spanish people who have a good moan about Brits as well. Drunken Brits puking up in hotel rooms and all the other stuff they get up to.
Would it not be a good idea to find out about the real people, not a small minority  of people you have no understanding of?

As for brollies in the sun - ever heard of a parasol?

I know the difference between a brolly and a parasol mate. and it's the vast majority of them and not the minority that the difference

Dude, you have to lighten up, then you have to learn to understand how things work.
It's normal in many countries to use a brolly as a parasol, so I'm a lot more surprised you moaned about it than I am hearing about it.
As for the noise in the restaurant, perhaps they were just having a good time but you couldn't understand so thought bad of a bunch of people having a bit of fun.
If you don't like crowded places, go to quiet places.

As for Chinese tourists, met loads and never had the slightest problem.
Of course, I took Mandarin lessons so the noise turned into conversations.

If you want to move to the Dominican Republic why are you posting on a Thailand forum.? With regards to Chinese tourists Thailand will rely more and more on them in the future so they will probarbly have to accept some of their more unseemly behaviour.

What planet is OP on, parasol or umbrella it is simply protection from the sun  to protect skin. Besides that the Chinese are well known to be completely rude in comparison to many nations, so much so that their government even ask them to learn to behave when travelling.  The mandarin speaker must be the most tolerant person ever I know chinese people who have a problem with Chinese tourists. Maybe the censorship aspect of their nation is to blame but whatever it is its a big void.

I feel for you, OP.

Chinese tourists are well...Chinese tourists.  Their society and culture don't teach them the same sense of politeness, as we Westerners know it.

I try to avoid them at all costs when traveling.  I've been held up at a southern land border crossing for two hours because hundreds of Malaysian Chinese couldn't put themselves in a line or queue but could only conduct themselves in a scrum - with little regard for anyone else.

As for being treated like a time come to Hat Yai, in the south.  We don't treat all white guys as hooker hitters.

Without wanting to point at one country of origine i must say that some groups coming from civilised Western countries are a pain in the ears and  ass too.

I dislike posts that blame all for the actions of some, especially when much of the moan is the result of poor understanding and inability or unwillingness to accept different people have different ideas regarding social rules.

Foresthill-khaoyai :

Without wanting to point at one country of origine i must say that some groups coming from civilised Western countries are a pain in the ears and  ass too.

Yes, you should see the pathetic drunk Brits doing filthy things with three genders of prostitutes in Thailand.

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