Need Advices help me make this transition.

Hi everyone.  My name is Ed and I'm currently in Indianapolis. God is leading us to Guatemala for some unknown reason.  We know no one there personally so we are going on blind faith.  Prior to God telling us we were heading that way we were a husband/wife team with grown sons out of the home. Then God told us to become foster parents.  Naturally we obeyed and are now considering adopting two of the four kids we currently have.  This means that we may have kids when we move. Kids are still in the court system and we have come to find out that ANYTHING can happen so we still don't know.

So, since we are going on blind faith here I'm relying on God to lead the right people my way to help me make this transition.  I figure we'll stay at some hotel for a couple of weeks until we can find a more permanent place.

So, where do I start off?

Also, are there any realtors with websites that I can see out here in the USA?

Hi Ed,
Sounds a divine adventure.. depending where you want to live .. there is different website for rentals..
check this one of the chamber of realtors..
I'm a realtor specialized in Atitlan

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