Whats the options for working in Saudi & living in Bahrain - Visas

Hello guys my name is Sahil  and i am working in riyadh  on a business  visa. I want to bring my wife over here from india  but i have residence permit of bahrain as i will be working on a project for one year may be . Can you guys help me out how to bring her here and  what kind of visa options are available.


First you bring her in Bahrain on your dependant visa and then apply for visiting visa for wife from Bahrain

Thanx for the reply ... any idea how long it takes for permanent visa process and after dat visiting visa...??

I am living in Saudi Arabia so have no idea about Bahrain time frame.  In Saudi if all papers are OK it is matter of 1 week for both application.  My other friends on this forum may have other idea

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