Who can tell me more about moving to Suzhou (family three kids)

We are last minute moving to Suzhou within a few weeks and we want to know more about this city! We currently lived in Guangzhou for a year and a half in a very kid friendly compound and we are looking for somethin simular... Near the city centre, near the school (Dulwich college) and fun for kids!

Hope someone can help us out!

** if you have tips..;-)

Thansk in advance,

Nausikaä Naalden from the Netherlands

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I've been in Suzhou a few years ago. The Dulwich college is located in Suzhou Industrial Park which has very good environments, it's near from the city centre, usually you can drive or take taxi for about half an hour.

You can take a look at the house near Jinji lake in Suzhou Industrial Park which is good for your children, lots of people and fun there but the house rent is a little high, you can find an agent ask about the price in details.

Suzhou is beautiful city. It's suitable for moving. By the way, do you need the moving service after you find the new apartment in Suzhou. Maybe you can find one moving company to do it.

Is anyone from Spain or other latin countries? I'm looking for a spanish teacher who live in Suzhou. SIP would be better coz there's a high school student living in SIP need a spanish home tutor. She has been studing spanish for 6 years and she want to improve her grammar and composition to pass the final examination.
If u know someone who would like to take this part time job,pls contact me by wechat***.Thanks a lot. It is really hard for me to find someone can teach spanish here in Suzhou. So thanks again.

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Hello ElisaHua,

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I invite you to drop your ad in the appropriate section of the website : Language classes in Suzhou.

Thank you


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