Checked baggage for domestic flights: weight limit?

Hello everyone,

I'm moving to Dalian, Liaoning, for at least a year, so I really need to find out about baggage allowances for domestic flights, that is, from Beijing to Dalian or from Shanghai to Dalian.
I know this varies from one airline to another, but does anybody happen to know the weight limit for each suitcase? Also, any ideas about what is the excess baggage fee per kilo?

Thank you!

Each airline's website should have that information.

Checked luggage is usually between 20 and 23kg in China, depending on the Airline. Some airlines don't care much if you have little over weight, if your not flying in a peak season. And looking like being on a business trip will help, at least this was my experience.

For the carry on:
In theory the limit is somewhere between 5kg and 12kg depending on the airline.
In fact I've never been checked in China.

Thank you nikocord, I got my ticket with Emirates and I can check two bags of up to 32 kg until Dalian, so it's an awesome deal.

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