Need help: Getting international TV channels in Beijing

Hi, we just moved to Beijing and are struggling to get access to international TV channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, DIVA, CI, CNN, BBC etc. We have tried to access Netflix through VPN unsuccessfully. We have also heard that TV box is available here but are not sure how to get it set up.

We will greatly appreciate if anyone can help guide us on how we can access these channels.

Thank you.

Hi, I am also in Beijing.

You need a VPN (on your router) and an Apple TV or similar device attached to your TV.

WeChat me  or pm here and I will give you the contact details of the person who has been solving all my tech problems for years.

If you have no plans for Tuesday come and join us.

We get together every Tuesday in Beijing for a social networking evening. Normally a nice mix of Chinese and Non-Chinese, even gender split and a diverse age range.

Thanks Colin, will reach out to you on WeChat. And Tuesday sounds like a good day

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