Expat Lonesome in Saudi - How to enrich Social Life in Saudi?

I consider Saudi Arabia as one of the most social discriminating societies I have ever encountered.

Singles are totally excluded from social life; restaurants, shopping malls, beaches and even public parks (good news for couples and families and absolutely the opposite for singles).

Tried many things across the years to overcome this solidarity;
Read hundreds of books (if I was wise enough I guess I should have ended with two PhD's at least :)

Fishing, yes it is fun for the first couple of days. Then no, I am not going to waste my time waiting for a stupid fish to catch my bite and I will never eat it anyway -the fish not the bite ;)

Gym, pretty tedious if you are working out alone (what I would like good shape for if no one is seeing it but me in my shower mirror eeeeeh. :joking:

Go walking or camping in desert; well good luck with that in an average temperature of 50 C by day and 40 C at night  :sick , aside from all nasty desert creatures whose only target in life is to bite or sting you and leave you dancing of pain all night so they can enjoy the scene- bad bad insects  :sosad:

What else have I missed mmm... oh yeah go sightseeing ....nahhhh not a good idea in Saudi. :/

Well I have tried all that and hit a blocked wall, any ideas on how to enrich your social life in Saudi I am open to suggestions.  :unsure

Cheers  :cheers:

I spend most of my time watching anime, playing games and cooking. Of course, I like travelling new places, meet new friends but as you are aware that it isn't fun going new places in Saudi.

You can hang out with your friends on weekends or even on a daily basis if they live close by.

Playstation and poker parties ( poker for a glass of water :)) ) i will be in riyadh with in few weeks and for my days off i am planning visit to bahrain or some other places. İf i can, i will choose to go by car. But at the end if i will stay there more then a year there will be a big wall in my life blocking me :(( i will try to have as much as friends i can..

Srdr :

Playstation and poker parties ( poker for a glass of water :)) )..

Gambling is illegal in Saudi, so any poker (even without cash) might well get you unwelcome attention.

Just a thought.

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