Looking for a reliable insurance broker


I'm trying to get a local health insurance here in Panama and from my understanding the best way to do so is through an insurance broker.

Anyone can recommend a reliable one?

Thank you!

I have read many good reports about the insurance broker at the San Francisco Plaza in Boquete. That may be too remote if you are in PC.

Try these agents for information and quotes for health care:
Gonzalo de la Guardia ( He is our agent for VUMI International Heath Coverage)
He represents several companies.
“International Health Insurance”
Cel: 507-6671-3357
Office: 507-393-5530
Skype: gedelaguardia
Panama City, Republic of Panama
Gloria Detresno…..she is our agent for auto and property insurance and represents several Health Care companies. She has been in business over 20 years and her service is excellent as well as Gonzalo de la Guardia!

VUMI, World Wide, and Bupa and the best of the companies out there. You can chose several different plans, deductibles, coverage to suit your budget.

We have not had to use our insurance so we can not personally say how the claim process is but in doing our research VUMI has a great reputation for paying claims on time and it is all done through email. VUMI is Gonzalo’s Health Insurance Company for him and his family. We know friends here that have World Wide and have nothing but praise for them after having to file claims and getting reimbursed.
Our VUMI policy went up $400 this past renewal and come next renewal we will look at World Wide.
Something that was very important for us: Having coverage any where in the world (we plan on doing a lot of international traveling) including the US, for our occasional visits back with family.

Here is a link to our insurance experience: … /#more-524

If you have any other questions you can always contact us through our blog.

Good luck!

Thank you for all this info! Very helpful. I currently have an international (AXA Int.) health insurance but is accepted nowhere... so any expense is out of pocket and then need to submit reimbursement claims.

Not that I have used it much so far but with a local insurance I'd have the peace of mind should something serious happen I don't have to advance an arm and a leg.

No, your best deal is going through a hospital's private insurance, thus eliminating the middle man. Try Hospital San Fernando.

Just a quick note here -- last week I got in touch with Gonzalo de la Guardia. Impressive service and super fast replies. Haven't decided yet but so far really impressed. Definitely a reliable person.

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