Being Brazilian or European can we go live in Thailand?

Hi all,

I',m Brazilian and I have also Italian passport. I'm living now in Malta, with husband and daughter, and we are thinking about go live in Thailand. This is an old dream....

I and my husbs work online for a British company. Then doesn't matter really what place in the word we are, we can continue in our job.

What I would like to know is if is that possible, go live in Thailand, being Brazilian or European.... with already a job to pay the bills... this is possible?? Or we can't because visa's etc?

I also would like to know about the education system, because my 9 years old daughter. She can go to the school? and is it in English?

I really will be really grateful for any help about :-)

Many thanks,


How about Chiangmai International School for your daughter?  She can get a student visa with her parents as caregivers. There's a vacant house in my housing estate. Welcome! To be my neighbors.

Hi Jess :) Thank you, I was having a look in the school fees, are a bit high but I think we can plan that. Do you know schools with lower fees?

About the house, do you know about the rent price?

Many thanks!! :)


Hello Ana :cheers:

To have an idea of the rental prices, you may want to check out adverts from our Housing in Thailand section of the site.

Also, I strongly suggest you to read our Living in Thailand expat guide


Hello anapavao ,,,regarding your question ,,,I would say anybody can live in Thailand and settle down if you wish ,,,renting a house or an apartment wont be a bit deal cause there are a lot of them anywhere in Thailand the prices are about 10000 -30000 bath per month ocourse this depends of your needs about school there are as well many school and the optional about international school is IEP (international English program ) which is very good in my opinion left money payment that international and you got the thai learning language as well but like I said all of this choices depend of your needs ,,well I just wish you good luck to achieve your goals ...

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