Moving to Spain

Hello everybody, i'm new to this so bare with me please. My wife & I live in Fort-worth Texas for about 33 years now and are planning to retire in Spain (Malaga) coming next year in March. My wife is from the EU but i'm not, my questions is what are the best way to retire in Malaga in example : residency, bank acct., rentals, bringing our own car to Malaga and all the things we are not aware of. Please any help will be appreciate it. Thanks in advance while waiting for your answers.

Pepa & Moncef Houara

Hi Pepa - great choice, Málaga is the best!  If you have Facebook, I recommend you join the group Expats in Málaga City - everyone there is really helpful and can answer every possible question :-).  Good luck!

Hi Tamara,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. As you advise, we will sign in with facebook to get all the info we need in order for us to move to the beautiful Malaga. Have a good day and keep in touch.

Pepa & Moncef Houara

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