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Hi all,

We are coming to Mauritius next september to continue our quest to start our own businiess there and are looking to meet with financial advisors and/or accountants who can assist us in the progress. Are there any firms that are recommended? Feel free to PM!

We know the rules and basics of starting a business and the tax laws, but prefer an experienced professional to aid us. Also, we're very curious about the upcoming possible changes in policy after the 2016-2017 budget presentation next week...

Kind Regards,

Tom & Stefanie

Hello Tom & Stefanie :cheers:

Maybe you could find some contacts in our Mauritius Business directory :top:

Wish you all the best.


Which region (district) are you planning to open your business here in Mauritius.

Hey Tom and Stephanie
My wife  and I are coming to Mauritius in September too. I have been offered contacts at the Big 4 firms. Happy to make intros when I arrive if that is useful. My sister happens to live in Mauritius too, so we are happy to help in any way you need!
Have a safe trip and greetings from San Francisco.

Hey guys, thanks so much for all the replies so far! We would like to settle in the North.

Hi my Husband is / was an Accountant in U K , had his own Business there

For some inexpensive advise feel free to make contact



Are you looking for an accounting firm or looking for someone who can help you with your accounting needs?

Please contact me if it is the latter.


im not looking for anything!!!!!

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Please check Mauritius Business directory / Accountants


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