Looking for people to jam (play music) together

I am Expat from Serbia living and working in Budapest.
I play guitar and sing a bit, and im looking for people would like to play/sing with me.
Let me know if you are interested.


Welcome Stefan, a better place to post this would be the CLASSIFIEDS --> Artists, Musicians section of the site, as it won't fade from view so quickly as it does on the forums.  Please post your ad there ;)

Romaniac Experts Team

What musical style? Rock, blues, jazz, folk, etc. ?

Im open to any, but normally i like to do acoustic covers of rock, pop songs.

Hey. I play the guitar too and sing a bit too. I am also a violinist. It would be nice to have some music fellas

Hi Stefan,
are you still in  Budapest? Me too I'm looking for people to make music with.
PLease let me know whether you are still interested.

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