New Future Ex-pat in Santo Domingo

Hi - my name is Jen and I will be coming to Santo Domingo in September. I have taught in New York City the past three years and I have worked in art galleries. I am coming to Santo Domingo to assistant teach English at USAD. I am looking to rent an apt near the University. Please let me know of any available rooms near the University! I am also documenting contemporary art within the city and will be curating an exhibition at the end of June.

Please let me know if you know of any apartments available or any contemporary artists that you know are particularly great!


Welcome to the forums. I lived for a short term near UASD and I will not suggest living too close.

UASD is a hotbed of strikes and other issues, living too close can get you caught up in things.  I strongly suggest a bit further away.

Welcome to the forum. Good luck in your venture.  Keep us posted on your progress.

I am on the north coast so can't help you much.

Bob K

HI my name is Michael/ Miguel, I have been to the Dominican Republic 18 times in 20 years. I love it there and try to go as often as I can. I want to move there. I wish I could move today, but I will work my job here in DC for 6 more years and retire early. I am thinking of moving to Santo Domingo or somewhere close like Boca Chica. I will like to work after moving there, maybe teaching English or working for an Ex-pat. This site has given me a lot of good information. Thank you all!  Future Ex-pat.

Welcome to the site,  you have a plan and that is more than many!

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