Teaching English in private school in Alma Rosa- Santo Domingo


I am Shanty! I am teaching English in Santo Domingo. Nice to meet you!

Shauntty welcome to the forum.  Are you from here originally?  Are you teaching in a public or private school?

We look forward to your contributions.

Bob K

HI Shauntty welcome!!!!  Feel free to  add your comments and insights throughout the various threads.  How long have you been here?

Hi :)

I was born in NYC. I work for a private school in Alma Rosa. So I will be here for awhile :)

Thank you! The 13th made one month :)

Very new.  I just passed 13 years here and still learning something new each day!!!

Congrats on the month.
10+ years for me on the north coast and I still don't always have it right.

Bob K

hi im sheilla,
im considering moving to dr in august 2017. whhat is the best residential lieu to live with 2 elementary kids and what is the best international school (christian base school)?

Hi Shaunty!  I just moved here and would love to hear about your job teaching English.  Is your school looking to hire any teachers?  I have a CELTA certification and experience teaching Spanish in the USA.  Thanks!  Kristina

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