Is it really hard to strike up a friendship?

On a saturday afternoon after I have flicked through the 500+ channels on my tv set and realised there is nothing worth watching. I begin to ask myself in a country with over 170 expats why is it difficult to make friends?.

Simce I joined 2 years ago i have sent 3 post about this topic and yes I got alot of male interest which was the exact opposite of what I wanted but no genuine friends. (big sigh)

I think im intelligent enough to strike up a conversation but I find it strange and difficult talking to myself.

The whole purpose of joining this site was to actually meet people share experiences,go out and generally mingle with other cultures, but is there anyone in Ajman willing to strike up a friendship I am left wondering......

Hi. We can be friends if you want. :)

sure we can never have enough friends..  :)

Something that may be worth doing, in my experience, is finding a club or group with a similar interest. Photography, sports, etc. That lends itself to finding OTHER things in common and forging better connections.

Hi. did you manage to have some good friends, or still roaming around like me? :)

Hi Pari,

Welcome and I guess we all share the same feeling, irrespective of being male or female. Glad this forum helps us filter the noise and speak only to people that really matter. 

Hope you find the best buddy or even an activity partner in someone here !

Have a great day.


Hi Pari


At first I am introducing myself.

I am Sen living in Ajman working here with Medical Company.

Your are right in some extends,as you said it is not difficult to get a friend but really hard to get a genuine one.  You may get many responses from the opposite sex but the attitude of those (not all) might not accepted by you. I have got many connections in social media but after couple of chats many of them asked some favors. But in my thought building a relation shouldn't for seek any type of favoring. But it should be from the heart.

Yup, it is specially in current scenario. times are changing quite fast and to me real people with real feeling is quite difficult. Every body is behind something or other. When you try and talk to a lady other e perceive you wrong, many of them think you are looking for sex. Some ladies wont event talk when they hear about your nationality all they want is people form west with $$$$. i am sorry for this, its not wrong for a man to talk to woman that is how it should be. we are opposite sex and god has made us that way. we have different feeling and experience to share. all things a man cant share with a man and same goes with woman.

Other day i casually went and approached a lady at the coffee shop, she was sitting lonely and i could see she was not fine. i asked if i could sit opposite her and have a coffee, she obliged with a nod. we sat quietly for about 15 min. then i couldn't control and i  asked her " i apologies if i have invaded your privacy, but i see you are not fine. May i ask y? she saw me and started crying. i felt that i may have undauntedly hurt her. but she then told for the past 3 hours she has been sitting there and she was approached by 6 men who were looking for casual ***.  i felt so embarrassed that how could they think like that. i felt shamed  that at first she mite have thought i would be the same.

My humble request to all men is when a woman talks to you respect it as she sees a friend in you. In Indian culture a Girl, Woman is known to be Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) Durga (the protector), Saraswati (goddess of wisdom).

i hope this comment serves the purpose.

I am open to meet people understand culture and build relationship. You never know where it could lead you in life. Its adventurous.

Hello!  I am in ajman and looking to make new friends! What sort of things do you like to do? xx

Hello :) I'm new member and have very interesting conversations in privet,  my name is Martin happy to meet you! I will be in Dubai on 29.11.2016. People in this site are very intelligent and intentioned, they give me many tips and advices about life in Dubai. I can't wait to arrive and meet you in person. I don't want to be alone in this beautiful city, hope to meet you there and have a good time, exploring Dubai. I wish you happiness and have a great day :)

i mostly like travelling and exploring. Talking over a coffee and lot of things which are tedious to write down. May be if you are comfortable we we could catch up over coffee  :)  .


Yes would be lovely

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